The Brownstone Group is a family owned and operated collection of companies with a business model that is designed to offer customers a myriad of services at reasonable prices. The company was established in 2007 and has since experienced tremendous growth. What started as just one branch has blossomed into several successful companies. Today, The Brownstone Group now consists of active services and products that include:

• Guesthouse Accommodations
• Car Rentals & Sales
• Art & Accents Gallery (Wholesale)
• Party Decor & Rentals
• Brownstone Enterprises Business Services such as:
    • BTC Franchise (Telecommunications Sector)
    • Fast Loans (Small Loans)

Our products and services were established with the belief that our guests and clients should always receive "hospitality at its finest." With that in mind, we have made that simple phrase the way we do business. The company’s main office is located on #11 Faith Ave.(North), and the other properties in which the Guesthouse Accommodations are located are #10 Marlin Drive, #5 Sea Beach Blvd, & two properties on #69 Hamster Road. The Guesthouse Accommodations branch of the Brownstone Group currently has 25 guesthouses, in the car rental branch of the company we currently have car rental fleet of 20 cars and a car sale option of 8 vehicles with plans to double the capacity in the near future. The Haitian Art and Accents Gallery branches are comprised of purchased inventory accumulated over the last two years from Haiti that is offered for wholesale purchase for our vendors and customers, "Selecto Coffee". The continuous growth of the Brownstone Group has come from seeking innovative products to offer with excellent customer service as well as providing needed services to an untapped market. From the rental of our guesthouses to car rentals and now the business services offered through Brownstone Enterprise, the Brownstone Group is in the business to fulfill our customers’ wants and needs, by providing “Hospitality at its finest.”

  • Phone: +1 (242) 328-4438
  • Phone: +1 (242) 341-7100
  • Phone: +1 (242) 359-2769 
  • Phone: +1 (242) 428-2769 
  • Phone: +1 (242) 446-2769 

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